Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Royal Treat

it's Friday early evening as i put on my coat, i kiss my husband goodbye "see you Sunday evening honey" i take my bag and close the door behind me.
With a smile on my face and a fluttering in my stomach i walk to the bus stop, after a couple of minutes the bus arrives, i pay the bus driver and take a seat.
on the way over to the train station i stare outside without seeing anything, all i can think about is you and our weekend together.

At the station i get of the bus, i put my bag down and wait till the bus drives of.
i look around, searching for your car. a bit down the street i see a black Pontiac with the lights on. i squint my eyes trying to make out who's inside. the lights flash on and of, making me clear it's you.

i lift my bag and start my way over to the car, with each step my heart starts to beat faster and louder. When i'm almost there, the door opens and you get out - strong, confident and with a big smile on your face "Hi there cuty, i almost started to doubt you'd come" i look up to you with a shy smile and answer "i wouldn't dare not show up"
you take my bag and put it in the trunk, you open the passengers door and let me get in. while you walk to your side i briefly close my eyes and take a deep breath, my heart still beating in my throat.

As we drive of you start talking - the casual conversation that follows makes me feel at ease, we talk and laugh and before i notice it we're on the highway.
i get comfortable in the seat and turn myself towards you, i look at you smiling, while you tell me how you kicked the other executives' butt in a squash game earlier today.
As my eyes get fixated on your mouth my thoughts start to wander of ... my lips partially parted i stare at you, you pause and with a raised eyebrow you look at me "anything wrong sweety?" you ask. a slow smile curls my lips as i turn my head and look at the road ahead just as we're passing a sign for a rest stop, i hear myself say "stop there".
you pull over and turn of the engine, you look at me and grab my hand "what's wrong? you want ..." i interrupt you by placing a finger against your lips "nothing's wrong" i answer.
i caress your lips with my finger - my hand slides over your cheek to the back of your neck as i pull you closer, my mouth touches yours and my tongue dances over your lips, gently i bite and pull your lower lip, your hand lets go of mine and slides up over my back pulling me by my hair - you thrust your tongue inside my mouth exploring, playing, tasting.
my other hand moves up you leg to your belt ... i loosen first your belt, then your pants ... your breath catches as you feel my hand caressing you over the silk fabric of your boxers. my finger slides between the top of your boxers and your soft warm skin, gently i pull back your boxers, freeing your cock ... slowly i caress you ... i feel your big hard cock throbbing against the palm of my hand.

i pull back and you look at me, your eyes half closed, your lips parted, breathing shallow. with my free hand i push you against the seat and i lean forward, you hold your breath as you see my intentions.
slowly i move closer, your cock twitches in anticipation ...
your hands play with my hair as i gently cup your smooth soft balls with my right hand, gently and slowly i kneed them while the palm of my left hand caresses the top of your
cock before sliding it over the complete length of your shaft.
you shiver as you feel me breathing on you ... my tongue licks the top of your cock making it jump up against my mouth, teasingly slow i circle my tongue over and around your hardness.
with a slow rhythm my hand starts moving up and down while i continue licking & nipping at your big delicious cock.

i hear your breathing quicken and i pause briefly, softly i breath on your warm wet cock making you quiver, i start to take in your big hard cock inch by inch, till it fills my mouth completely, slowly i start moving up and down, taking you in further with each movement - feeling you deeper in my throat, i lick and suck ...

your grip tightens in my hair on the back of my head, as i move down again you hold my head, preventing me to raise, i startle and my left hand grabs your shirt as the fingers of my
right hand grab your leg tightly, slowly you push me deeper, making me gag on your throbbing cock, tears roll down my cheeks as i try to breath ...
you let go just enough for me to catch my breath before you push me down again, i swallow you as you guide my head in your rhythm, i pant and gag as you continue to force your cock down my troath in the distance i hear you moan and the muscles of your stomach tense up against my hand.
i feel your big throbbing cock get even harder before a warm squirt of cum shoots deep in the
back of my troath, still holding me down you stop your movement making your warm sticky fluid fill my mouth, your cock still deep in my mouth prevents me from swallowing, making your cum trickle out of my mouth over my lips onto your balls. gagging and gasping for breath you let lose of my head and your cock leaves my mouth, seeing your cum covered balls i stick out my tongue and taste you, i softly lick and suck your balls ...

still holding on to your shirt and leaning on your leg i lift my head my breath quick and shallow,
tears messed up my make-up and your cum still glistening on my lips i look at you, your eyes closed, your lips parted.
as your breath slows down you open your eyes and they look at me with fulfillment. with a slow smile you wipe away your cum from my lips.
as i lean back against my seat you fasten your pants and belt, you turn my way and with a deep dark voice you say "lets go ... i can't wait to get you into my bed to return the pleasure baby"
with a smile i fasten my seatbelt as you start the car and drive of .........

Monday, December 3, 2007

One for the Architect

Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine after a tasty dinner of taboulé followed by a delicious homemade ice-cream, you tell me to finish my glass and go upstairs. 'I'll follow in a bit sweety' you say while i walk up to the bedroom.

I strip down and leave my clothes on a pile on the ground. Standing naked in front of the mirror i brush my long silky black hair, hearing noises downstairs makes me wonder what you are doing.

I walk up to the tv and squat down, i go through the porn dvd's deciding which one to watch ... thinking of watching... hearing porn while you fuck me gets me wet and slowly i let my hand slide between my spread legs, the touch of my hand caressing my slightly spread pussylips makes me shiver. My finger slides over my clit and into me covering it with my wetness. I bring my hand to my mouth, sucking my finger, tasting myself while i put a dvd into the player.

Still squatted in front of the tv i hear footsteps on the stairs ... and voices, voices i don't recognize.
I hold my breath and my heart starts racing. Suddenly the door opens and 2 men walk in. I startle and want to get up. 'Stay down' one of em says. I keep my eyes on the door, looking for you, but you're not there. I look up while they move closer and see the excitement on their faces. One of the men is tall with black straight hair reminding me of the old Celts in the movies, the other one a bit smaller, looking like a Viking with reddish curls and a rugged beard. Liking how they look a slow smile appears on my face.

'On your knees' the Viking says. I obey and lower myself to my knees. They start taking of their clothes and my breath quickens when i notice their excitement doesn't only show on their faces. Pleasantly surprised by the sight of smooth shaved balls and hard cocks i unconsiously lick my lips.

I reach out my hands inviting them to come closer. They come stand next to me one on each side, with half closed eyes and my mouth partly opened i stare at their cocks twitching in front of my face. I raise my hands, my fingers slide from the top of their cocks down to their soft balls, i caress and kneed em softly while i look up to their faces, deciding who to taste first.
I lean towards the Celt and circle my tongue over the top of his cock, my tongue slides over his shaft down to his balls and back up. I start to take him in, inch by inch all the way down, in a slow steady rythm i move up and down, sucking, licking his cock, he pinches, twists my nipple, making me quiver and wet. The Viking grabs me by the back of my head, demanding attention. Slowly my mouth lets go of the Celt, flicking my tongue over the top, my hand still playing with his balls i move to the other side, nipping, licking my way up the shaft of the Vikings cock, just when i want to ease my mouth down on him he grabs my hair pulling me up and towards him, with a quick hard thrust he shoves his big hard cock deep in my troath, out of reflex i want to pull back but he holds me there with both hands, making me gag. The Celt keeps on playing with my nipple while his other hand moves down between my legs, his rough fingers fisrt rubbing my wet clit, then sliding deep in and out of me, i ride his hand. The Viking starts to fuck my mouth, his hands guiding my head, slowly first ... he moves faster and deeper, gagging with each thrust i try to breath, tears run down my cheeks messing up my make up.

Abruptly he lets go and steps backs. The Celts fingers leave me and he holds em up in front of my mouth, wet and glistening with my fluids i lick and suck em, tasting myself on his fingers. He comes closer and licks my lips and says 'look' while he nods at the door.

I turn to the door, and see you standing there. With a hazy look in your eyes i see you breathing, quick and heavy, i've never seen you look more horny which sends a shiver down my spine.
I get distracted by the Celt taking me by my arm to get up, he leads me to the bed, i look at you while passing the door and you smile slowly and nod.

He sits me on the bed pushing me back. He grabs me by my tighs and pulls me to the edge of the bed, he spreads my legs, exposing my wet slit he lets his hard cock slide over my throbbing clit before slowly entering me, i close my eyes, arch my back and moan when he fills me with his hard warm cock. He moves in and completely out of me ... slowly, i open my eyes and see the Viking straddled over me, his balls dangling above my mouth, i stick out my tongue, lick, suck his balls, take in one, then the other, till they both fill my mouth ...

While the Celt starts to pound into me more quickely the Viking shoves his cock in my mouth, with my head tilted back i take him in completely, they start to fuck me, my mouth, my pussy with the same rythm. With each thrust i feel my orgasm build up, i moan and my hands grab into the covers, the Viking shoves his cock deep in my troath, keeping it there, preventing me to breath while the Celt pounds into me hard and deep making me go over the edge, my body quivers and shakes while my orgasm explodes deep into me, waves of electricity wash over me while they both leave me.

Panting and catching my breath they both straddle over me, their excitement build up to the edge i watch them jerk off above my face and tits, the warm squirts of cum shoot in my mouth, on my glasses over my tits, i taste them both, swallow, lick my lips ... they rub their cum covered cocks over my face and tits, making a mess i lick and nip at their cocks and smile. They chuckle and laugh at the messy sight.
As they get off the bed i close my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to control my heartbeat and breathing.

I hear them leave the room and open my eyes, i see you standing in front of me before the bed, naked, your cock rock hard, the horniest and most sneaky look ever on your face. I shiver and want to turn around to reach for the cleenex 'leave it' you say with a deep voice. You get up on the bed, standing over me you look down on me, the look in your eyes makes my breath stammer and my heart race. You lower yourself onto me, you slide your hard delicious cock over my cum covered tits, pushing my tits together you slip in and out between em, i raise my head licking the top of your cock coming up between my tits. Your hands move up, moving the hair out of my face, you bring your cock above my mouth, i see it glistening and covered with sticky white fluid, i open my mouth, longing for you to fuck my face, you lift my head from the bed and ease yourself into my mouth, tasting the others on you makes me tremble with lust and i let my fingers slide over my wet and still throbbing pussy. Seeing the effect your action has on me you lean foward on the bed, on your hand and knees you start to fuck my mouth, my head tilted back i take you in, my fingers play with my clit to your rythm, you pound yourself deeper, harder ... quicker into my troath i gag, try to breath, swallow you ... till i can't take it anymore and cum with force pushing myself harder onto you, bringing you over the edge, the first squirt of cum shoots deep in my troath, you pull back a little filling up my mouth, your cum drips over my lips and down my cheeks, i swallow ... you leave me and turn around, your face above mine i look up to you, my hands reach to the back of your neck, playing with your hair, your eyes fixated on my lips covered with your cum, you lick my lips, tasting yourself on me you thrust your tongue in my mouth, exploring, playing with mine, tasting you completely sends shivers through my spine and i tremble ...

Slowly you pull back, you go sit next to me on the edge of the bed and lean back, with a satisfied look on your face you turn to me... 'go clean yourself up, sweetness' you say with a slightly trembling voice... as i get up you slap my ass and grin ... i look over my shoulder and see the euphoric sparkle in your eyes, i smile slowly and walk into the bathroom completely fullfilled ....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Reunion

'You got some free time today?' I ask on the phone
'No not today' your voice answers on the other side 'i have this reunion thing, remember?'
'but maybe ...' i start to reply

you interrupt me 'no my lil horny slut, i have to leave around 2pm, i got no time for you today'
i pout, which you can't see nor hear through the phone and answer softly 'ok maybe another day' and hang up.

'no time huh?' i think to myself, 'we'll see about that'

still naked from my shower i walk up to the bedroom, standing in front of the big mirrored closet i look at myself. My thoughts wander off and without thinking my hand slides down to my freshly shaved pussy, gently stroking it. a finger dips slowly inside me covering it with warm sticky fluid. I raise my hand to my mouth and suck on my finger. I shake my head and snap out of my thoughts, smiling at myself in the mirror wondering how my finger got into my mouth ...
going through my wardrobe i decide on a long black flowing gypsy skirt and a tight fit black v-neck blouse just showing enough of cleavage to go over my black satin garter belt with stockings & matching bra.
My hand reaches for panties, i look at em and while putting them back i think to myself, 'i never wear any, why should i go wear them now?'

i look at myself again in the mirror being dressed, my hair brushed and with some make up on 'this will have to do' i say out loud, i gather my things and walk out the door to the car and start my drive over to your place.

Around the corner i turn the car and park it, thinking how convenient it is that the street on the other side leads to a dead end, only way to get anywhere is past this road.
After just a few minutes i see your car coming around the corner, you drive by and don't notice me.
'good' i think and start the car, i follow behind you to a big house on the other side of town, it's rather busy already and i can see people greeting each other.
I wait till you're inside the house before i get out of my car. A bit nervous i walk up to the house, a lady opens the door 'yes?' she asks
'is Peter there?' i reply with a question.
She answers 'humz yes he just arrived, who ...' 'good' i interrupt her and walk past her into the house.

Walking through the room i see wondering eyes and raised eyebrows till i notice you standing at the table. You're about to sit down somewhere in the middle, when i grab your hand 'there you are! Come lets go sit there' i point to the far end of the table and lead you there. I see the shocked look on your face while you glance over your shoulder to the people in the room, who start minding their own business again.
'what are you doing here?' you whisper with a rather angry look on your face.
'i'm keeping you company' i say looking up to you with a smile as i go sit down.
You seat yourself next to me 'you shouldn't have come'
'don't worry,' i reply while i place my hand on your knee 'see noone is taking notice of me anymore',
i continue while the others get seated at the table 'i didn't like hearing you didn't have time for me'
relaxed i lean back and watch the people around us talking and laughing.
Slowly my hand slides up your leg, softly i press it between your thighs while i continue upwards, over the bulge in your pants, taking your shirt out of your pants to 'cover you up'.
I hear you holding your breath and you look at me with a disapproving look 'don't' you whisper with your teeth clenched together, but you lean back against your chair, keeping your hands on the table.
Leaning with my free arm on the table i move closer to you, blocking the view to were my other hand fondles at your pants. I smile innocently and continue working on opening your pants without letting anyone notice.
I feel you growing underneath my hand when i pull the zipper down, feeling the soft satin of your boxers against my hand, softly i caress you through the silky fabric. I feel your cock getting rock hard under my touch, with one finger i tease the top of your cock, making it raise upwards, pushing against my hand.
My index finger slides between the top of your boxers and your skin, slowly i move left to right, brushing against the top of your cock i feel the inviting warmth.
Slowly and gently i slide my hand further down your boxers, my full hand caressing your cock till i reach your smooth shaved balls, my arm rests on your stomach while i softly cup your balls, i kneed em slow but firm, i feel the muscles of your stomach harden.
I look at your face, your hiding your excitement well, just the clenched jaw gives away a hint of tension.
I move my hand upwards, over your shaft, slowly moving my palm over the top and back down before i grab you firmly. You move in your chair, you start to lean forward, pushing the chair a bit back, your hands crossed on the table grabbing into a napkin, your legs wide, making your cock stand out, giving me more freedom to move my hand. You look at me with a slow smile and i see the enjoyment in your eyes.
With a steady slow rhythm i continue stroking you, keeping a close look on your face tells me it's time to move faster, i speed up my movement and with every stroke i see you biting your lip harder till i feel a warm sticky fluid dripping over my fingers, quickly i cup my hand collecting your cum.
Keeping my hand steady i don't move till i see you bring the napkin underneath the table to clean yourself up quickly, covering yourself again with your boxers. Casually i get up and turn around, i lean against the table, my back towards everyone else. You look at my cupped hand, a drizzle of sticky white fluid oozes between my fingers, slowly i raise my hand to my mouth and lick off your cum, by opening my hand slightly your still warm seed drips on my lips, my sticky cum covered hand grabs your hand holding the napkin, quickly i lean forward, my lips brush against your mouth, leaving a trace of your cum on your lips, slowly you lick your lips with a grin on your face.
I startle a bit when i feel your hand grabbing my ankle, slowly you move upwards under my skirt, over my leg, feeling the top of my stockings and the garter you brush against my inner thigh, feeling the moist warmth between my legs you continue your search till i feel two of your fingers entering me, i hold my breath and don't move, as quick as you moved inside me you're gone. You bring your hand from under my skirt and i see your fingers glistening, seemingly uninterested you move your hand to your mouth and casually lick em. Mesmerized i stare at your tongue playing with your fingers, wishing i could fuck you hard right there and then.
I take a deep breath and look away, i pick up my purse and start walking away from the table, some heads turn, most don't notice as i walk by. Before leaving the room i turn around and see a wicked smile on your face, promising me revenge ...

Locker Room

Thursday evening, your regular night for a workout at the gym.
i arrive at the gym, looking at my watch tells me you'll be done in another 5 minutes or so.
i walk into the bar and go sit in the far corner of the room, i order a glass of white wine and wait.

you walk in, talking and laughing with a friend, not noticing me you go sit at the bar and order a beer. a few other people join the 2 of you, you greet them as old friends and the conversation continues, i watch you from the other side of the room and my mind wanders of, thinking of what's to come ....

15 minutes later you get up, i hear you saying 'see you next week guys' and you walk out the bar. i get up and follow you, i see you entering the men's locker room and wait till the door's closed.

i walk up to the door of the locker room and sneak in.
i turn around the corner and see you standing, stripped down to your black boxers, your back towards me, ready to shower. without making a sound i walk closer standing inches away from you, i take in your scent, beer mixed with fresh sweat, the smell of a real man,
it awakens my lust and i have to restrain myself not to rip those boxers of you and fuck you right there and then.

feeling my breath on your skin, goosebumps appear, you startle and turn around.
i place my hands on your firm chest and let them slide over your shoulders, arms ... grabbing your hands, i lead you to one of the showers.
i close the door behind us and push you against the wall.
i reach up, pressing my body against yours, i lick your lips playfully ...
whispering against your mouth 'you had a nice workout babe? shall i help you to relax now?'
i feel you grow against my belly, my hands leading their own way, reach down ... i caress your growing cock through your boxers

my hands slide to your ass to pull you closer to me ... feeling your hardness isn't without effect and a shiver runs down my spine.
with a slow smile i whisper 'don't move'
i take a step back and slowly i pull down your boxers till they slide to the floor.

i look down on your fully erect cock, twitching, begging to be touched ...
i raise my head, see your face, your eyes getting hazy filled with lust,
you reach for me and i take a step back 'no my horny cowboy, i said don't move' your arm falls back, you lean back against the wall with eyes closed.

my finger makes a trace over you chest, your stomach .... the top of your cock making you catch your breath i lower myself till your cock is inches away from my face ... feeling my breath on you makes you shiver, you move yourself closer to me, only for me to pull back, just out of reach ...

seeing your lust for me makes me wet, and i long to taste you ... slowly i lick the top of your warm hard cock, my hands move behind you, grabbing your ass,
a moan escapes from your lips as i let my tongue slide over your shaft down to your smooth shaved balls, i lick and suck em into my mouth, first one, then the other, then both ...
my tongue plays, circles around your balls filling my mouth.
gently i pull on them till they leave my mouth ...

my eyes get drawn to the top of your hard cock, all moist and glistening ... i lick my lips, i can taste you before touching you my breath quickens, i can feel my wetness run down my thighs at the thought of tasting you ...
slowly i come closer, licking you, tasting you ... i quiver and start taking you into my mouth, slowly inch by inch ...
while my mouth works its way down your throbbing cock, one of my fingers slides into your ass making you moan.

my mouth and finger move in the same rhythm, very slowly i take you in deeper and deeper
gently you start to thrust your cock deep in my mouth making me gasp for air .....

suddenly the locker room door slams against the wall and loud laughing voices fill the room ...
i startle and want to move back but you're quicker then me and hold my head in place.
you whisper 'keep quiet and don't you dare to move my lovely whore'
with my hands still grabbing your ass, one of my fingers deep in you i hold still, your cock burried in my panting mouth.

you push yourself deeper into me, making me gag ... tears fill my eyes as i try to breath
footsteps come closer, voices louder ...
feeling the muscles of my throat contract starts bringing you over the edge,
gagging and panting i try to keep as quiet as possible.

with short quick thrusts you keep pounding into my mouth till i feel a warm squirt of cum shoot deep in my throat.
i try to swallow and gasp for air while footsteps walk by our shower ...
slightly you pull back, your throbbing cock deep in my mouth you lift my head.
still swallowing and gagging i look upto you,
my make-up running down my cheeks cause of my tears.
you look at me with a loving smile and pride shows on your face

you leave my mouth and help me to my feet, you lick a drop of your cum of my lips and wipe away my tears with your mouth against mine you whisper "you did good my slut, now scoot so that i can take a shower"

suddenly you open the shower door and push me outside closing the door in front of me.
i stare at the door, the locker room falls to silence.
wanting to run as quickly as possible i restrain myself, i straighten my back and lift my head.
i wipe the hair out of my face, straighten my skirt and turn around.
with my head held high and a smile on my face i walk by the staring faces
while their heads turn from the closed shower door, wondering who's in there, back to me i continue my walk to the door.

i open the door and walk out, hearing the door close behind me i hold still for a moment and take a deep breath, i start to laugh and continue my way to the parking lot ...
waiting for you ........

A night at the Hotel

It's a chilly evening when i leave the house at 10:15pm, walking to the car i look up and see the clouds covering the moon.

I called you earlier today, i gave you the address and told you to be ready at 10, i didn't need to say more cause you knew what i meant with 'being ready'

during the short drive i listen to Monster Magnet ... nod scene, there's no song more horny and my mind wanders off ...

It's almost 10,30 when i arrive at the hotel. I park the car, i get out into the cold evening air and i shiver. While i enter the hotel i greet the night receptionist and get the 2nd key out of my purse and walk up the stairs

Standing in front of the door i take a deep breath and close my eyes briefly.
I turn the key and walk into the room.
The lights are turned down and in the background i softly hear the mesmerizing sounds of colour haze and a smile curls my lips.

I see the bed, covered with black latex sheets, with you on it, you're laying completely naked except from the mask that covers your eyes. Your hands are above your head and your legs are spread slightly, my eyes wander over your naked body and a slow smile appears on my face.
I see that your breath quickens when you notice i'm moving closer, but you stay still. With a soft rustle my coat slides off my shoulders and into a pile on the floor.

Slowly i bend over you and your face stiffens briefly when you notice how close i am to you. My long black hair falls forward and slides over your chest, giving you goosebumps. My warm breath caresses your body before i slowly circle my tongue around your right nipple, my mouth wanders to your left nipple and your breath wavers when i playfully bite you.
I pull back and look down at you, seeing the effect my brief touch had on you makes my breath stammer. Softly i caress your gorgeous hard cock making it jump up, my hand cups your balls and kneads them gently, enjoying your warm smooth skin.

I leave you alone and move to the foot of the bed. I look down at you, you hvaen't changed position and you haven't spoken a word. I lick my lips while my eyes take in every inch of your body.

You startle a bit when you hear my voice telling you "remove the mask and look at me".
Without hesitation you remove the mask, blinking your eyes to get used to the light before looking at me.

With half closed eyes and a rigid look on your face you stare at me, standing in front of you wearing nothing but a black latex corset and high boots. Your eyes slide from my face to my naked tits where they linger for a moment. A shiver runs down my spine and my nipples get hard. Unaware you lick your lips as your eyes wander off down to my smooth shaved pussy. I get wet even more but stay completely still until you look me in the eyes with a smile and that horny look on your face.

i get on the bed and stand spread above you, your hands still above your head clenched together and your eyes are fixated on my wet pussy as i lower myself till i feel your hard cock throbbing against my clit, unconsiously a soft moan escapes my lips. Very slowly i move myself over the full length of your cock. My hands grab my tits and i start playing with my nipples, pinching and pulling them in time with my movements. With half closed eyes i start moving more rapidly ,,,

Suddenly you've had enough of the game, you grab me firmly by my wrists and flip me onto the bed. Now it's you who's sitting straddling me, you push both my hands above my head and hold them tight with one hand and your other hand grabs my chin. Your mouth is close to mine when you say" enough you horny bitch, let me see what kinda slut you are, get on your hands and knees".

Abruptly you let me go and i turn around, you push my head down and get behind me, you bend over me and whisper in my ear "I'm gonna fuck you, you whore, hard and deep till I feel you squirt".
Your hands grab my hips and your hard cock slides up and down over my clit, the muscles of my wet and throbbing pussy contract and i moan. Quick and hard you enter me, my body quivers and my fingers dig into the latex. I bite my lower lip while you fuck me hard and deep in a steady rhythm.

With every thrust i am filled even more, bringing me closer to an orgasm. Finally i can't and won't hold it any longer, with my face pushed in the latex i moan loudly, my body shakes as i go over the edge. My cum flows, with every thrust, over your balls and down my inner thighs on to the latex where it forms a puddle around my knees. Your movements gradually slow as you feel my high subside and you pull out of me. Your hand slides between my legs and you stroke my dripping wet and throbbing pussy, you dip your fingers into me, softly i moan when you pull back your hand. My breath catches when i hear you sucking your fingers. Slowly i turn around and i see you sitting on your knees, your cock rock hard, your fingers in your mouth, tasting me.
I crawl closer, till your cock is inches from my face ... i circle my tongue over the top of your cock and i taste myself when i take you deeper into my mouth. Your hand grabs my hair and pulls my head back. With a hazy look in your eyes i hear you say "Suck me, my little horny slut, till i cum deep in your mouth".

You push my head down and hungrily i take your warm, hard cock in my mouth. You moan and move my head to your rhythm. Seeking support i grab your ass. You move slow at first, then faster and deeper, while i hear you mumbling "Suck me hard, my horny bitch".
With my last bit of concentration i slide my finger into you while you fuck my warm, panting mouth.

I feel your muscles tighten and i long to taste you. A warm squirt of cum shoots into the back of my throat while you pound yourself deep into my mouth. I swallow and try to breath while your movements slow and you let go of my head, my finger slips out of you and my hands slide to your balls which i knead gently while i suck and lick your still throbbing cock. Your body trembles and i enjoy the sound of your fast breathing. My tongue keeps playing with you until you push me away.

One last time i let my tongue slide over the full length of your cock, i lean backwards, softly panting, and look up at you before i get off the bed.
As you sit on the bed watching me, i lift my coat from the ground and put it on. a bit befuddled and out of breath i turn to you and say "i enjoyed you tonight ... i guess i'll see you online somewhere this week".
I turn around and leave the room, smiling and fulfilled.